Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Young and the Fearless

I did a google search for "young professional photographer" nothing I was looking for came up. It was mostly just lists of young photographers (young as in 20-25). I was looking for maybe a support group, or a website dedicated to helping young photographers, but I got nothing of that sort. I thought that if no where out there is a site to help me than maybe I could help someone else. I am no expert, and diffidently no teacher but I thought I might share.

When I decided to start taking pictures for pay I had no idea how far it would go, nor how hard it would be to juggle school, family, work, and photography. It has been and continues to be a wild ride. When my business started really being a business I had a hard time knowing how to balance it all. I don't think that I will ever figure it out completely but I have figured out art of juggling for now anyway.

First of all school comes first...most of the time. It is so hard (especially being homeschooled) to make myself finish studying for this test before I edit those pictures. I manage though. Whenever I get down about having to finish school I just remember...without school I can't fulfill my dream of photography. Knowledge is power!

Family. It's irritating to say the least to have to work my schedule (for the most part) around my family's, mainly because I am such an independent person. Even when I move out, married, and have kids (Lord willing) I will still have to plan my schedule around my family so I better get used to it now.

Mentors: If you are an up-and-coming photographer find a mentor. Besides God, and having a good family support system, mentors are the best thing you can have. I have had and still have many mentors that I have made friends with over the years. Even if they aren't photographers, just someone to help you figure out the business end of things. Because if you really want to have a business you have to know something about it. I have mentors that I have never even met before! I found a young wedding photographer last year and emailed her she has uplifted me so much and we are still pen pals.

Driving. For a very long time I had my parents drive me to shoots, talk about embarrassing! I have my license now which makes everything so much easier, but I had to learn to embrace the fact that I was young. Which brings me to my next point.

Age: For a very long time I pretended to be grown. That didn't work out.  I didn't want to post pictures of myself on my blog for fear of people knowing that I was a teenager. When on the phone with clients I tried to pretend that I was an adult...that never ended well. Eventually I had to put the phone down and go ask my mom if that day (for the shoot) was okay and if she minded driving me. One day I decided to embrace it. I decided to stop pretending, to be myself, and if someone didn't hire me because I was only 15 than it was their loss.

God. If I have learned anything through these almost 3 years of getting this business off the ground I have learned that God is in control. I have given Him full control of this business and He has taken it more than words can even describe. It gives me so much comfort to know that the creator of the universe is holding me and my business in His hands. :)

The one piece of advice to give you is don't ever give up. If this is really what you want to do go for it! Give it to God and see where He takes it...

In His Service,


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