I'm Grace. I am a music lover, writer, adventurer and lover of simple things. I am a child of the one true King. He saved my life and has blessed me more than words could describe. I live in the deep south. In the state of crawfish, football, cajuns, and sweet tea. I have three younger siblings that I love to death. Stargazing, bonfires, smores, and singing "ten thousand reasons" on long summer nights is my absolute favorite thing to do. Without coffee and french vanilla creamer I would be more scatterbrained than I already am. I am a girl that isn't afraid of getting dirty, but that loves glitter and mascara. I have way too many pandora stations that keep me sane on this wild ride called life. I'm not sorry to admit that I love doctor who, star wars, lord of the rings, every disney movie, and just about any and all musicals. Any kind of "folky" music is my favorite. Having concerts in the shower and dance parties all by myself are usual occurrences. I love rainy, napping days, but my favorite days are those where I have an adventure...and that happens more than you would think.